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JAN. 16, 2024
I will soon have some more Aerochrome 120 in stock. Unfortunately, it will have a perforation on one side. Still, it is a great opportunity to shoot!
The only Aerochrome I have available at the moment is the scrap stock listed in the shop.  I
cut these to fit into medium format camerasShop

and introducing FLASH 120 SPECIAL FX FILM




In the absence of Aerochrome, I've been working with other types of aerial film. Some interesting stuff coming soon. My first project is FLASH 120. This is not an infrared film stock. It's a color negative aerial film that I have cut to medium format and pre-flashed. This is not a double exposure, but actually more like a rayograph. I use real-life objects and textures and flash their images directly onto the film in the darkroom. That's right folks! I am deliberately leaking light onto the film. It's something I've really enjoyed doing over the years, so I want to offer some to anyone interested. There is a Gold and a Red version. In the Red version, I am also flashing in some Aerochrome colors for a sort of simulated ir image. For those who see the beauty and the fun of this project, it's also a great opportunity for collaboration. I do the front end and you do the rest. Strictly experimental and loving it! 



Aerochrome Availability

I'm sorry that I have not much to offer in the way of Aerochrome at the moment. My last acquisition was a large batch that turned out to be all bad. This unfortunate event set me back quite a bit, but I'm still on the search. Besides what is listed in the shop, I do have some very small odd sized scraps of Aerochrome. I don't know how someone would use them, but shoot me a mail, if you are interested.

Flash Gold
Flash Gold
Flash Gold
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