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JULY 03, 2024

Hello hello!

There are 5 rolls of Aerochrome 120 perforated stock left!  
And that is the end of the perf film. Wasn't that fun?!

Stay tuned. I have a new batch of Aerochrome 120 on the way.
Full frame, full length, no perfs, no fog!
I expect to have it available around the middl of August.


Aerochrome perforated film (cropped)

Aerographic Plus X Black & White Film 120

KODAK PLUS-X AEROGRAPHIC Film is a panchromatic, negative camera film with medium speed, medium-high contrast, and extended red sensitivity for the reduction of atmospheric-haze effects.

Nominal ISO 125

Expired 2011

hand cut and rolled 

non-infrared product

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