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FLASH GOLD 120 *** color negative special fx film

This is a non-infrared special fx film made from various aerial film stocks. It is intended for experimenting purposes. I have been flashing film for years and have enjoyed the results, so I decided to offer some for sale.

These rolls take a lot of effort to make. They are done by hand and are a result of about an hour's work in the darkroom each.


Flashing is a process where film is exposed to light before it is loaded into a camera. This film has been cut down to medium format and pre-flashed.


Each film roll is flashed differently using various random objects, elements and lighting setups. No two rolls are remotely alike, so there will always be a unique outcome.


The examples shown here are from one roll, so there are generally good results, although you should expect a few lost images. 


ISO 200

Process C-41


hand cut and rolled 

FLASH GOLD 120 *** color negative special fx film

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