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Aerochrome 16mm 400ft

This film stock has been sold out for some time. It is possible that more will be cut sometime in the future. If you have an interest in this product, write me a mail and I will have you on a mailing list for that, when and if it happens.

Aerochrome 16mm 400ft

  • Certainly, this film was never designed to be used as a motion picture film and using it as such presents several challenges. This is a very fast film to be using in a cine camera (400 ISO). There are several approaches to getting the film down to a managable exposure window. Either you need to knock the light down by using neutral density filters or shoot in a low light situation or you need to pull in in the lab.

    Neutral Density Filters. There is only one filter I know on the market that will work without destroying your footage. It is the Schneider Platinum NDIR filter. It cuts the UV, visible and IR light equally. The other ND's out there will cut the visible light disproportionaly to the UV and IR causing a monochrome, blown-out image.

    Shooting in low light is an option, but of course there is a different aethstetic when shooting in low light, i.e. no highlights, etc.

    You can also shoot the film at 200 ISO and pull it 1 stop in the lab. This can be tricky as we already have many factors that effect the outcome. Adding pull process is always a small risk. Saying that, 200 ISO is also quite fast for a movie camera.


    Other considerations when using this film are that most modern motion picture cameras have sensors for footage counter, etc. that will fog the film. Such cameras need to be altered before shooting.


    I found it quite difficult and after much testing, I parlayed that info on to Richard Mosse for his project and he managed quite well with it. You can check out his footage online.

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