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Aerochrome Portraits (E6 Process)

Yellow Filter

Aerochrome E6

1. Yellow #12 filter indoors with flash.

Aerochrome E6

2. Yellow #12 filter indoors with continuous lighting.

Aerochrome E6

3. Yellow #12 filter outdoors. Late afternoon, overcast.

Aerochrome E6
aerochrome yellow filter

4. Yellow #15 filter. rainy day. Another example of how bright sunlight is not necessary.

5. Yellow #15 filter.

Orange Filter


1. Orange #22 filter. Afternoon in direct sunlight.

Aerochrome E6
Aerochrome E6

2. Orange #21 filter. Indoors with continuous lighting.

3. Orange #21 filter. Midday. direct sunlight.

Aerochrome E6
Aerochrome E6

4. Orange #21 filter. Outdoors in shade. Sun rays through the trees.

5. Orange #22 filter in the rain.

Red Filter

Aerochrome E6

1. Red #25 filter. in heavy shadow. I don't recommend using a red filter for portraits, but these examples will give an idea of a possible outcome.

Aerochrome E6

2. Red #25 filter in the shade.

4 Will - 40x50.jpg

3. Red #25 filter. Here I used a yellow filter with red gel filter cut and placed randomly on top.


4. Red #25 filter. Another example with  orange filter and red gel filter on top.


5. Red #25 filter. An attempt at a red filter pinhole.

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