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Aerochrome Infrared 120 Scrap (35x4 cm)  - medium format

Aerochrome Scrap Film: Size: 35x4 cm



Here is a list for the amount of frames expected from your camera.

6x4.5 (approx. 6 frames)

6x6 (approx. 5 frames)

6x7 (approx. 5 frames)

6x9 (approx. 3 frames)


The strips are narrower than a 120 roll. That means the upper 1/3 of your frame will be cropped. See photo 2. The grey area is what will be cropped. You need to frame your shot from the bottom with this in mind! At least the crop will offer a kind of panorama effect.


Over the years, I have cut thousands of feet of Aerochrome into all formats. What I have left now are only scraps from the sessions and they are in all shapes and sizes, making it hard to use and hard to price.


For this reason, I have held onto it. The time has come to try and use this stuff. Due to the odd dimensions, these strips can be challenging for a lab. Unless you are processing yourself, please find out about processing possibilities. If E6 is a problem, see if they can do it in C41.  And remember, no light or sensors!!!


There are certian problems associated with the scrap. Most came from "end" stock, meaning there can be, but not necessarily, considerable flange scratching where the film met the spool. See last 2 photos. This happened during manufacturing at Kodak.


Also, this film is random scrap from many sessions. The stock could be somewhat fresh, but it could be older stock. Saying all of that, I am selling these because I am reasonably confident that you can get something good. And considering it is the last of the last, maybe we need to overlook any imperfections.

Aerochrome Infrared 120 Scrap (35x4 cm) - medium format

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