CIR color negative film  strip - 127 and 120 Formats

CIR color negative strip film. The strip measures 4cm x 82cm.

See photograph #2 for comparing the formats. The strip is significantly wider than a standard 35mm. This film is C41 process.


I offer them in 3 different ways.

1. Just the bare strips for you to do with as you please.

I send these as bare strips in a plastic film container.

2. I can roll them into a 120 paper backing for shooting in a medium format


The film strip is much narrower than a 120, so some of your image at the top will be lost. See 3rd photo. The gray area at the top indicates the section that will be cropped out of the shot. These make great pseudo panorama shots!

3. I roll them in to 127 rolls for a 127 format camera.

The format is nearly a 127 strip. It's off by 4mm. I can roll these for you into 127 spools, but you would need to send me the spools and paper. I have none on hand.

CIR color negative film strip - 127 and 120 Formats



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