Aerochrome Strip film - rolled into 127 or 120 formats

ATTENTION: At this time I cannot send to Australia.


The strips measure 4.5cm x 75cm. That is significantly wider than a standard 35mm film and

wider than my last batch by a half centimeter. The length is almost the same as a standard 120 roll. You may or may not lose 1 frame.

Make sure you have a lab that will process this odd sized stock by asking ahead of time.


I offer them in 3 different ways.

1. Just the bare strips for you to do with as you please.

I send these as bare strips in a black, plastic film container.


2. I can roll them rolled into a 120 paper backing for shooting in a medium format camera. The film strip is much narrower than a 120, so frame your shot knowing that about 1/3 of the image will be cropped. See photo #2. The grey area represents the cropped part of the image.


3. I roll them in to 127 rolls for a 127 format camera.

The format is nearly as wide as a 127 strip. It's off by approx. 3mm. I can roll these for you into 127 spools, but you would need to send me the spools and paper. I have none on hand.

Aerochrome Strip film - rolled into 127 or 120 formats



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